The Rogues' Gallery (Updated 8.5.11)

No Spam 4 Me

Damn - until I changed it tonight, the last update here was 12.21.02. Ouch.

I've been meaning to do something for a while now to obscure the email addresses listed on this page from web-crawling spambots. I just edited all of the email links here, adding "nospam4me-" between the @ sign and the true domain name. If you want to email any of the Irregulars, just delete that from the address in your email software before sending. If any of you would rather submit a different address, or be listed simply as "Private", please let me know. And as always, I'm looking for updates - new web pages, long-lost Irregulars, etc.

Pizza Party Update

I took fifteen or twenty pictures at our first official gathering of the Irregulars in years, but didn't use the flash on my digital camera, and when blown up to actual size, most of them were pitifully blurry. Here's the *one* worth posting, and here's hoping that the ones Balderdash was snapping all night turned out a lot better.


Feeling nostalgic? I found some pictures from the "good old days" at my office, and scanned 'em in for you guys - a Faire excursion, some shinai in Gumby's back yard, and a big get-together at Maggie's. Check them out here.


This area is set aside for the members of Clan Hedgehog and the ChainMail Irregulars, the longtime patrons who breathed life into the original Belching Dragon Inn & Tavern BBS. If you can toss back a Dwarven Hammer, get through the third verse of "Nobody Buggers a Hedgehog", and hazard a guess at the weight of ball fired from a 12-pound cannon, please drop me a message at the address below with your contact information. Even if you'd rather not be listed here (keep reading), please do send a message just to say hello and let me know you found The Dragon at its new home.

There are a few individuals below who, instead of having an email address shown, are tagged as "Private Listing". For one reason or another, these Irregulars asked that their addresses not be posted on any site open to the public. Clicking on their links will let you send an email to me - please indicate who you wished to contact, and I'll forward your request to them.

Reality Check (Updated 2.19.01)

The Belching Dragon website has been offline for quite a while now; I don't know when (or if) I'll ever get around to putting the time into redesigning and putting it back up. But I will be hanging on to the domain name and keeeping at least this page up, as a resource for the Irregulars who wander across every now and again. It will remain continuously (if not always in a timely fashion) under construction.

As of 2.19.01, this list has been broken into two parts - the first half is addresses that through (reasonably) recent personal correspondence I've verified as active and correct. The latter half consists of addresses that I have not been able to verify within the last six months or so. As always, I'd appreciate updated contact information that any of you might have on any Irregular (including yourselves) - I'll keep it strictly to myself and not add them to this list until/unless I've contacted them and received permission to do so.

And no, the picture links aren't working - I still need to dig the images out of my backups, get them uploaded to the server I'm using these days, and modify the links accordingly. If you would like to have a slightly less (more?) out-of-date picture (.JPG under 30K or direct URL only, please) linked to your entry, do send them to me. Also, my verification process has only included email and (usually) web addresses. If you have a new ICQ number or website address, please send them along as well.

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Active / Verified

Nom de Modem Email ICQ Website
(Links will open a new browser window)
Alana Hawk
Alpha 6844693

Chiliad Khilat  
Cosmo 5136916

Etienne De'Vanyel 37917222
Firefinger 40636619
Flower Child 25127807
Gabrielle Flamethorne
Gumby Dude 32191268
Jamie the Red
Jestar the Wizard 12812096
King Roogna
Lady Darkwind
Lady Shell 1878297
Lady Taltos
Listening Woman Private Listing
Lummox 106807578
Mielikki 4768256
Outlander 55166107
Shiu Lao Tse
The Swordsman Private Listing
Thundermug 40638057
Xerxes Aragon

Unverified / Lost

Nom de Modem Email ICQ Website
(Links will open a new browser window)
Adam-Zad the Black
Morgan Blackthorne
Philosuufer Frans
Terrin Greyphis

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