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I quit!

Well, sorta. Let's face it, I'm the worst about getting these albums updated. I've discovered that Flickr works pretty well, and I'm hoping that when I don't have to assemble these things by hand, all of you might actually see more pictures. I may put videos or other special bits up here sometimes, and the archived stuff that's already up here will stay (at least for now). I'll also continue to have full-sized originals of all the pictures for friends/family that might want to make prints - just let me know.

My page on Flickr is at

Dad Ride '05
So, here we are, almost the end of January 2006, and here's only the second set of pictures from 2005. Yup, this is Hendel's page. Anyway, last (!) year's Dad Ride was the long-planned weekend run up the coast to Santa Cruz and back. Ari rode almost the entire distance, all three days - she might have spent two hours in the chase car. A scattering of other stuff from his visit in here too, Tom's Farm, Balboa, etc. There are at least 2-3 more 2005 sets to go before I get to the 2006 stuff, so keep checking back. Trying a new photo album layout, too. Please let me know if it causes any problems for you.

2005 - Gettin' Started
Yet another of those several-months-at-once grab bags. A bit of Christmas morning and our 2005 New Year's Day Tree Trimming (not to be confused with the completely different Christmas one), a lot of our trip to Seattle to visit Alpha and Mielikki up there in January, and some weekend fooling around near home. Doesn't sound like much, but it's been fun. :-)

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