Player Name: Vince Beltz      Date of Creation: 10/6/87

      Name: Hendel "Blink" Thistletop (#5)     Class: Fighter/Thief
      Race: Halfling (Stout)                   Level: 6/6
     Deity: Brandobaris (Master of Stealth)       XP: 32461/35705
 Alignment: Neutral


    * Str: 13   Ht: +3  Dm: +6  Wt: 45#  Pr: 140  Doors: 7  Bars: 4%
      Dex: 17   Suprise: +2  Missile: +2  Defense: -3
      Con: 15   HP: +1  Shock: 90%  Resurrect: 94%  Regen: NA
      Int: 18   Lang: 7  Lvl: 9  Learn: NA  Max/Lvl: NA  Immune: NA
      Wis: 14   Save: NA  Bonus: NA  Failure: NA  Immune: NA
      Cha: 16   Henchmen: 8  Loyalty: +4  Reaction: +5

           * (18/00 for weapons purposes, due to Ogre Gauntlets)

        Vision: 60' infravison
    Detections: Up/down grade 75%, direction 50%
       Special: -4 surprise bonus, -2 if opening door/screen
     Languages: Common, Halfling, Thieves' Cant


     Base - 45# 12"   Heavy - 80# 9"   Load - 115# 6"   Max - +115# 3"-4"
            Swim - 3" round    Crawl - 6"   Normal - 60"
          Day - 15 miles per 1/2 day   Hidden/Hazard - 8"

                          Saving Throws

         Paralyzation/Poison: 11     Petrification/Polymorph: 11
              Rod/Staff/Wand: 12               Breath Weapon: 13
                       Spell: 13

    Adjustments: +4 against Poison, +4 against Rod/Staff/Wand and Spells


          AC: 5       Armor Worn: Spiked Buckler  HP: 43
    Suprised: 9            THACO: 15              HD: (6d10+6d6)/2(+6)
  Shieldless: 7
        Rear: 10

Weapon         #AT  To Hit/Dmg  Wt  Size  Type  Speed  ROF   Range   Dmg/Size
Bow, Short CS   -       +2/+6    2    M     -     7    2/1  5/10/18    -/-
  Arrow, Sheaf  -        -/-     .    M     P     -    -/-   -/-/-   1d8/1d8
Buckler, Spiked 1       -2/+6    3    S     P     2    -/-   -/-/-   1d4/1d3
Crossbow, Hand  -       +2/0     3    S     -     5    1/1   2/4/6     -/-
  Quarrel, Hand -        -/-     .    S     P     -    -/-   -/-/-   1d3/1d2
Dagger, Lngtth  1       +5/+8    1    M     P     2    -/-   -/-/-   1d6/1d8
Dagger          1       +3/+6    1    S     P     2    -/-   -/-/-   1d4/1d3
Dagger, Thrown  -       +3/0     1    S     P     2    2/1   1/2/3   1d4/1d3

    Special Attacks: Backstabbing (Damage x3, +4 to hit w/suprise)
                     # of attacks equal to level against < 1HD


   Weapon: Short Bow       Dagger          Non-Weapon: Swimming  (STR)
           Short Sword     Sling                       Gaming    (CHA)
           Spiked Buckler  Hand Crossbow               Brewing   (INT)
                                                       Healing   (WIS-2)

                          Special Abilities

             Pick Pockets      90% (85%)  Open Locks    80% (75%)
             Remove/Find Traps 65%        Move Silently 60%
             Hide in Shadows   55%        Detect Noise  20%
             Climb Walls       70%        Read Language  0%

                       Magic Items/Possessions

Item                 GP   Encum   Description                      Cap  Locat
Bow, Short          15g    5.0*   Carved wood, semi-ornate          -   Back
Quiver, 2 score cap  1g    3.0*   Leather, worked w/grapevine pat   -   Back
Arrows, Sheaf (20)   2g    4.0*   Red-fletched, carved              -   Quiver
Arrows, Silver (5)   5g    1.0*   Black-fletched, silver heads      -   Quiver
Dagger & Scabbard    2g    1.0    Xtra small (8') steel             -   L Boot
Dagger, Lngtth (+2)(2500g) 1.0    Ivory blade carved as tooth       -   R Boot
Crossbow, Hand     (300g)  2.0    Dark, unreflective (Drow made)    -   R Side
Quiver, 2 score cap  2g    1.0    Black leather w/pouch poison I,D  -   Belt
Quarrels, Hand (10)  2g    1.0    Short black steel, black fletch   -   Quiver

Leather Armor        5g   15.0*   Tanned Dk Brown, Silver Clasps    -   Body
Buckler, Spiked       -     -     Bladed silver disc - magic rod    -   Right

Backpack, Leather    2g    2.0    4 pouches, 5g cap ea             40g  Back
Belt Pouch, Lg (x2)  2g    2.0    Lf black, Rt white, drawstring    5g  Belt
Waterskin           1g5s   5.0    Tanned Lt brown                 1 gal Sides

Boots, High Soft     8s    3.0    Black leather (suede uppers)      -   Body
Cloak, Cloth         5s    2.5    Full-length (2.5 ft), Dk blue     -   Body
Trousers, Leather    2g     -     Tanned very lt brown, fringed     -   Body
Tunic                 -     -     Bright yellow, laces at neck      -   Body
Belt, Leather        3s     .3    2" wide, 1g cap compartment       -   Body

Tinderbox            1g     .5    Polished brass box                -   Pack
Cards, Marked        6g     .2    In wooden box, deck of 52         -   L Pouch
Oil, Flask           1g    2.0    Tin container                     -   Pack
Thief's Tools       30g     -     Small, complete set of used picks -   L Pouch
Soap                 1s     .1    Coarse block, yellow              -   Pack

Water (8pt)          -      -                                       -   Skin
Rations, Iron (1wk)  5g    7.5*   Basic dried trail rations         -   Pack
Bread, Loaf          6c    1.0*   Fresh rye, sesame seeds on top    -   Pack
Raisins, (8 oz)      -      -     Made in father's vineyard         -   R Pouch
Druidic Amulet      (-)     .5    Wood & Unicorn's Horn             -   Neck
Silver Amulet      (350g)   .1    Silver & Diamond TUC symbol       -   Neck

Gloves, Thievery  (5000g)   .1    Thin black gloves (UA100)         -   L Pouch
Bead, of Force    (1000g)   -     Small black sphere (UA97)         -   L Pouch
Rod, Many Things (25000g)   - +   Slim silver rod, worn as bracer   -   L Pouch
Gauntlets, Ogre   (1500g)  1.0    Worn leather armguards (DMG145)   -   Body
Dice, Gambler's Luck        - +   Check vs avg Int/Wis for success  -   L Pouch

Coins 5p 5g 0e 5s    -     1.5                                          R Pouch

            101g 43s 6c   66.8 (30.8*)

     * - normally carried on horse, when present - otherwise on person
     + - special item - see description below

     Dice of Gambler's Luck

     The appearance of these magic dice can be altered at will by the user.
     Shape, size, color, etc.  They are detectable as magic only 1 in 6, and
     if the user successfully checks against the average of his INT/WIS,
     they can be made to produce any combination desired (one check per

     Rod of Many Things

     The normal form of this item is that of a slender silver rod.  On
     verbal command, it transforms into other objects, either at random or
     into a specified form.  Attempting to transform it into objects that
     it cannot shape causes 2d6 hp of shock damage if a save against spells
     is failed.  If made into the form of a weapon, it carries no bonus, but
     but may be used against creatures that require +1 or better weapons
     to hit, and functions as a normal silver weapon against lycanthropes
     and similar creatures.


    Name        Race          AC   HD/Lvl  HP   #AT  THACO  DMG/Effects
    Valiant     Horse (Pony)   7    1+1     8    1     19   1-2/NA
    Zip         Hummingbird    3    2hp     2    2     18   1hp/Blindness
    Zoom        Hummingbird    3    2hp     2    2     18   1hp/Blindness

     Valiant is a special mountain breed, with the following changes to
     average statistics: +6mi/day in daylight, +20lbs encumbrance, and
     +3" movement.  He is gray, with white socks, mane, and tail.  Usual
     tack is saddle blanket (2#), saddle (40#), bit & bridle (5#), two
     small saddlebags (7#, 30# cap), and a saddleskin (2#, 1gal cap),
     56# encumbrance total.  Norm Load/Max 2000/3000, Move Norm/Rug/VRug
     12/6, 6/3, and 3/0.

     Zip and Zoom were acquired as eggs in a bazaar from a dealer in
     exotic birds.  They are empaths with regard to their owner (only), and
     if they sense strong fear/anger in him will attack the source, seeking
     to pierce the eyes and blind it.  He (Zip) is a brilliant green/yellow,
     she (Zoom) an equally bright blue/red.

              Hendel "Blink" Thistletop - Character Description

   Ht: 34.5"  Wt: 48#  Hair: Lt Blonde  Eyes: Green  Age: 50  Hand: Left
Social Class: Upper Middle  Siblings: 8  Order of Birth: 3rd  Parents: Married
               Birthdate: 3-28-1308 (March/Ches of the Sunsets)

   Family (in order of birth)

     Farden Thistletop    85    Father       Tessie Thistletop  74   Mother

   1. Thela Thistletop    56    Sister    2. Nabor Thistletop   53   Brother
   3. Hendel Thistletop   49      -       4. Pelster Thistletop 45   Brother
   5. Mysti Thistletop    37    Sister    6. Bretta Thistletop  32   Sister
   7. Lesten Thistletop   27    Brother   8. Grent Thistletop   20   Brother

Hendel "Blink" (so called because of what is said by those who know him - don't blink when he's near, for if you do, you'll miss both Hendel and likely a fair portion of what was in your pockets) Thistletop is the third child of Farden and Tessie Thistletop, born in the small village of Elmswood (a small mostly agricultural village in northern Tasseldale, near the River Ashaba). At the time of his birth, it was rumored by the old village gossipmongers that he was a bastard child, for the Thistletop family is known for being unusually large (for halflings), while Hendel was at birth considerably smaller than average (even for a halfling), though strong and healthy. In addition, he was possessed of unusually light hair (a blonde so light as to be nearly white) and green eyes, traits not held by any other members of the family.

His childhood was typical, spent in play with his seven siblings, running through his father's vineyards, splashing in the nearby Ashaba, climbing (and falling out of) trees, and listening to the village smith tell heroic tales from his past. The smith (who was human, as were about 1/4 of the villagers in the primarily halfling settlement), Throgar Bost, would gladly spend hours recounting (as well as magnifying somewhat) his experiences with the Broken Spear adventuring company, years ago. He would proudly reveal scars "from the very fangs of a great dragonwyrm", and display his great sword, kept polished to a gleaming shine (the gleaming polish somewhat compensating for its numerous nicks and lack of ornamentation). When Hendel was twelve, Throgar forged him a little sword (really no more than a large dagger) that he became very proud of, swaggering about attacking phantom goblins and dragons.

Hendel grew especially close to his younger brother Pelster, who quickly outgrew Hendel and became somewhat protective of him. Pelster and Hendel spent much time together, and often plotted practical jokes or cunning schemes (such as Pelster keeping the shopkeeper busy with talk while Hendel slipped behind the man and "appropriated" a wooden whistle or two) together. The pair was nearly inseparable, and if you only saw one, it was a surety that the other was busily searching your pouches, or tying your bootlaces together.

As soon as he was old enough, Hendel was expected to work with his older brother and sister in his father's vineyards, that produced a wine known through the Dalelands for it's quality. He also began training with the short bow at 17, for every citizen of the Dale is expected to be able to participate in the militia in case of need. By age 25, he was very proficient in its use, although he still carried the secret yearning to be a great swordsman (and indeed, still carried a short sword about with him).

Although the years passed, Hendel retained many of his childhood traits: the child's curiousity (which had earned him the childhood nickname of "Pinch", as in "You're going to get your nose pinched if you keep sticking it into things"), a love for practical jokes (particularly those with "big folk" as their target), and his relaxed, mostly optomistic view of life. If these had been all that remained with him from childhood, he might have remained in Tassledale to take a hand with the family business. But he also remembered clearly the smith's stirring tales of heroic adventure, and could not content himself with the thought of a quiet life at home, tending the vines. So it was that with the grudging approval of his parents and the envy of his younger brother Pelster that he left Elmswood and set out for Selgaunt, on the edge of the Sea of Fallen Stars, where he hoped to find his distant cousin Corkitron "High-Roll" Allinamuck, and join up with the adventuring company of Halfling, Inc.

He never met up with Corkitron, joining instead the Fortune & Glory adventuring company. With them, he discovered things that Throgar had never mentioned (that there is a lot of just plain work mixed in with the dragonslaying and swordswinging, for one), and experienced the ones that he had set out in search of - daring adventures in distant places, with comfortably heavy pouches of gold at their ends. He even acquired a magical sword that let him fulfill his childhood fantasies, fighting at the forefront of the party with his flashing blade in hand.

But as all things do, Fortune & Glory began to come to an end, its members drifting apart to pursue their own goals (though the company never officially disbanded). Hendel returned to Deepingdale, settling in the town of Highmoon near his childhood home, and opened The Belching Dragon Inn and Tavern. Though his days are now filled with the comparatively simple problems of making sure there is enough ale on hand rather than how to go about penetrating the stronghold of an evil mage, he is content. He swaps tales of past heroism and bravery with his patrons, displays the momentos he acquired during his adventuring career, and keeps his hand in with the sword - just in case.


Hendel has a very relaxed view of life, and often wonders why other people get so uptight and tense about it. Everything that will happen will happen, and if it's not something pleasant just find a bolt-hole to sleep in until it's over. However, with this he has developed somewhat of a cynical attitude about those who do take life too seriously (especially those of larger stature, as detailed below).

He has become quite an accomplished swordsman, and the rigors of adventuring increased his skill with the bow, as well. But he has come to prefer bloodless methods of dealing with others, and to this end cultivates his skills in stealth and thievery, taking great pride in his abilities. He nearly always prefers what would be called a "soft touch" to the "brute force" approach, and to this end he usually tries to make the victim unaware that he has been taken until Hendel is long gone.

Hendel also is very proficient at talking others into things that they would never consider doing otherwise, usually by assuming the guise of a child (something he can do very easily, with his halfling-smooth face and small stature). In fact, he considers this perhaps his greatest skill, and works at every opportunity to improve his act. In his adventuring days, he often obtained free meals and board by taking the part of a poor urchin and playing upon the sympathies of a prospective benefactor. Since then, experience has increased his ability to perceive the thoughts and feelings of his marks, and he has truly mastered the art of the golden tongue.

He is an avid gambler, albeit not quite an honest one. When he started his career, he carried only a cheap deck of marked cards, and a crudely loaded set of dice. The gold he acquired adventuring has provided him with much better equipment. He can control the magic dice he now uses with nearly complete assurance of their results, and the artfully painted cards he favors hide their betraying marks beneath exquisite and elaborate patterns. With a steady and large income from The Dragon, Hendel now plays more for entertainment than for profit, but is never adverse to parting those with too much gold from their extra weight.

Hendel's curiosity still remains with him, as it likely will to his dying day (if it does not become the reason for that event). He is particularly fascinated by objects of a magical or intricately mechanical nature, and has integrated several such devices into The Belching Dragon. He also still enjoys practical jokes, though since he has discovered that they do not produce happy (i.e. paying and returning) customers, his opportunities to practice them have dwindled.

As aforementioned, Hendel is generally optomistic. However, there are some things that Hendel does deal carefully with, notably "big folk". This has been lessened somewhat by his experience running The Dragon, but he still tends to regard at first any creature over the size of a small human as either a potential foe or fool. Like most small people, he is offended by the assumption of larger creatures that they are naturally superior. He will frequently challenge them in contests of speed and nimbleness, at which he is sure to triumph (although he avoids contests of strength, unless he is secretly using magic to enhance his own - something that amuses him over all else). In such competitions, he will always place a large wager on himself (after all, it would be a sin to deprive the outsized loser of a valuable lesson by letting him keep his gold!).

Hendel is not really a devout believer in any religion, but in following with his philosophy of life when the occasion presents itself he will sometimes pay homage to Brandobaris, halfling Master of Stealth. He is unsure if the gods actually do take a hand in the events of life, but figures that it can't hurt to have him on his side if they do.

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